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I Bleed: A Decade of SongBuy Now ››

Madigan - I Bleed: A Decade of Song
2004/2008 | Moonpuss Music

I Bleed is a preserving of songs. All you curious for Mad material, this is a conduit retrospective for you. For all of us. To share + spread. This is a collection of Madigan's work from her first 10 years of composing. It features one new song and many rarities. At this time the BMad back catalog is all sold out, so we have gathered this collection to put these songs back in flight, some of which have not been available for years. It contains most of the often requested tunes -- thanks to the movies! Originally released in a one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn change/care agent purse with fierce mad bandit pin, it has been repressed with cover portrait by Cristy C. Road. Each pressing is a little different, just for you. A connectivity. A song. A mvmnt. A moment. A limited edition wonder ....a reel melody meets art present. Thank you for your presence.

This intro/retrospective CD collection features the invaluable contributions of stellar musicians: Jen Wood, Shelley Doty, Tomas, Sheri Ozeki, Sunshine Haire, Lora Macfarlane, Christine Lehmann, Jonathan Hughes.

Track Listing:
01. Running5
02. Vigil7
03. Snowfell Summer3
04. Inch x Inch8
05. Glass Vase Cello Case1
06. Swarm6
07. Smoke Signals from the Burnpile3
08. Lesson in Ride4
09. Scraps5
10. Moontime1
11. Pity Rock2
12. Mad Skywriting5
13. Downtrodden Up5
14. For Life Long Scars3
15. Dishes & Spoons3
Selected From These Records:
11995 – Tattle Tattle | Sew True
21996 – Madigan | Rock Stop
31998 – Bonfire Madigan | …from the Burnpile
41999 – Bonfire Madigan | Lesson In Ride/Invincible 7"
52000 – Bonfire Madigan | Saddle the Bridge
62001 – Bonfire Madigan | Sleeping Off Stolen Dreams Comp
72002 – Bonfire Madigan | 88 EP
82003 – Bonfire Madigan | Plays for Change inchxinchdemoversion
*All songs © Madigan Shive, Moonpuss Music (ASCAP), *Glass Vase Cello Case © shive/wood
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Plays For Change (live)

Plays For Change (live)
2003 | Moonpuss Music, Eglantine Records

Track Listing:
01. Begin at the Beginning
02. Backseat Bouy
03. Slip
04. First Time
05. Onion Thin [Cello] Skin
06. Scraps
07. Mad Skywriting
08. Inch x Inch
09. No More War1
1© War words from Haile Selassie's speech in CA, 1968.
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Saddle The Bridge

Saddle The Bridge
1999 | Kill Rock Stars

Track Listing:
01. Mad Skywriting
02. Where the Sky Below Meets the Sea Above
03. Running
04. To Find the Women in the Ocean
05. Awake
06. Scraps
07. The Debut & Debauchery of Anna Magdelena1
08. Rachel's Song2
09. [Locational Variations On] Rachel's Song3
10. Onion Thin [Cello] Skin
11. Come Ask Her
12. 7 Mile Lane
13. Downtrodden Up
1Middle spoken section from the poem My Mama Moved Among the Days by Lucille Clifton ©1969.
2©1993 Kicking Giant
3©1982 Vangelis publishing EMI Music/Spheric BV
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...from the Burnpile

...from the Burnpile
1998 | Kill Rock Stars

Track Listing:
01. Anthemic Amendments
02. Smoke Signals from the Burnpile
03. Snowfell Summer
04. For Life Long (Scars)
05. Backseat Bouy (Revisited)
06. Dishes & Spoons
07. Zamora, CA
08. Promised
09. Junebug
10. Tinkling on a Tightrope


Lady Saves EPBuy Now ››

Lady Saves EP
2009 | MoonPuss Music

Track Listing:
01. Lady Saves album version
02. Our Lady Saves [ neotropic mix ]
03. Lady Saves acoustic mix
04. Lady Dubs the Dragon [ dub i.d. mix ]
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88 EP

88 EP
2002 | MoonPuss Music, Little Echoes

Track Listing:
01. 88 Arbitrary Configurations
02. Tiger
03. Homefullness
04. Vigil
05. O'sanity1

1©1982, 1983 Ono Music
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Rock Stop

Rock Stop
1996 | MoonPuss Music

Track Listing:
01. Pity Rock
02. Cornerstore Conspiracies
03. Middlenamed
04. Tick Talk
05. The Girl With Her Foot Behind Her Head (The Contortionist's Song)


Mailorder Freaks Singles Club
1999 | Kill Rock Stars

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Backseat Buoy

Backseat Buoy
K Records

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Plays with Herself
Live Transmission/MoonPuss


Turbo's Tunes Sampler CD
Kill Rock Stars
Song contributed: Lesson in Ride

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Drinking from Puddles Compilation CD
Kill Rock Stars
Song contributed: Snowfell Summer

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Pixies Fucking Die Tribute CD
LifeLike Records
Song contributed: Monkey Gone to Heaven

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Can't Dance, Too Wet to Plow

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KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles Live Vol.II CD

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KAOS Theory 89.3 CD
Olympia Community Radio

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KSPC Claremont The Basement Tapes, Vol. 2 Live Underground CD


Video Fanzine #2 VHS
Kill Rock Stars
Song contributed: Backseat Buoy (Revisited)

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Video Fanzine #1 VHS
Kill Rock Stars
Song contributed: Snowfell Summer


Bonfire Madigan - Saddle the Bridge
2000 | Kill Rock Stars
Scraps featured in Better Luck Tomorrow (MTV Films).

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7 Mile Lane
Performed live in the documentary, D.I.Y. or Die.

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Mad Skywriting
Performed in Don't Need You: A History of Riot Grrrl.

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Mad Skywriting
Performed in the short doc, Angel Food by Harper Carter.

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Bonfire Madigan - From the Burnpile
1998 | Kill Rock Stars
Snowfell Summer ends Kirby Dick's feature documentary film, Chain Camera.

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Madigan - Rock Stop
1996 | MoonPuss Music
Pity Rock used in Jamie Babbit's short film, Sleeping Beauties.

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Tattle Tale - Sew True
1995 | St. Francis Records
Glass Vase Cello Case love theme to feature film, ...But I'm a Cheerleader.

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ForTunes from the F-Holes
MoonPuss Music
Live casseette

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